South Dakota One Call Board

Notice of Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held in AmericInn by Wyndham, in the Scottie Room, at 312 Island Dr. Fort Pierre, SD 57532 on July 11, 2024 at 10AM to 11:00 AM (Central) to consider the adoption and amendment of proposed Administrative Rules of South Dakota.





Report any damages to underground utilities

Reporting any damage to any underground service, no matter how minor, is required by South Dakota law. Even a small nick can break down later and cause a gas leak, water leak or corrosion to electrical wires.

Report damages, dislocation, or disturbance of underground facilities to South Dakota 811 and the utility company, if known.

Immediately report escape of flammable, toxic or corrosive gas or liquid to 911, South Dakota 811, and the utility company, if known.

Do not attempt to repair any nicked or hit utility line.

South Dakota 811 Membership

More than 600 facility operators are members of South Dakota 811 and are notified of planned excavation near their underground lines.

What is a South Dakota 811 member?

A South Dakota 811 member is a utility operator, farmer or municipality who chooses South Dakota 811 to protect their underground infrastructure when someone is digging near their lines.

Who are members of South Dakota 811?

Every operator of an underground facility which enters a public right of way or another person’s property is required by law to be a member of South Dakota One Call. This membership protects the underground infrastructure, while providing a safe work environment for anyone excavating near those lines.

What comes with South Dakota 811 membership?

South Dakota 811 members have access to services that go beyond one-call notifications as part of their membership including complimentary access to an industry-respected ticket management software program and dedicated Member Service Managers available to answer your questions and concerns.

Complaint Process

South Dakota has the South Dakota One-Call Notification Board to resolve issues and concerns among all stakeholders.


South Dakota 811 makes every attempt to ensure registering your underground facilities is as effortless as possible. We offer a variety of methods for mapping submissions. These formats, along with detailed instructions and requirements for updates are included on the Member Mapping Submission Form.

Safety and damage prevention are a top priority at South Dakota 811, therefore we encourage our members to update as frequently as necessary. Click on the links below for a copy of our Member Mapping Submission Form and an instructional document provided for updates via Google Earth. For additional questions, please contact GIS:

Member Mapping Submission Form

Positive Response

View the positive response feature sheet here.

View The Portal Positive Response Training document HERE.

Portal for Professional Excavators

Portal for Professional Excavators is our online application where you can easily enter tickets, map your work area, and search for locate tickets.

Basic Portal Access: Enter your locate request online. The request will be processed by the South Dakota 811 Center, and a copy of your locate request and ticket number will be emailed within two hours.

Advanced Portal Access: You will be able to map your work area and receive an immediate response with your ticket number when you submit a locate request in this manner. This is an easy process and provides excavators with a more accurate locate request. This feature requires a short demo/training session. Contact to request a demo and get started.

Click Open Portal below to to create your own log in. You will now be able to submit your requests directly to the South Dakota 811 Center for immediate processing. Your locate ticket will be emailed back to you immediately.