The 811 Process

Get To Know How It Works

Step 1 – Notify 811

Notify South Dakota 811 at least two-business days prior to excavating by dialing 8-1-1 or by processing a request to dig online here.

  • Provide the type of work being done, and address or driving directions to the worksite along with other information to help the locators identify where the work is taking place and how to accurately respond to your request.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation number with your locate request. You should keep this number for the life of the ticket, 21 days.
The 811 Process

Get To Know How It Works

Step 2 - 811 Will Notify Utility Companies

South Dakota 811 sends the location information to the utility companies that have underground lines in the vicinity of your worksite.

  • Utility companies provide South Dakota 811 with the location of their underground utilities. South Dakota 811 uses this information to identify and notify the utility companies who have lines within you worksite.
The 811 Process

Get To Know How It Works

Step 3 – Locate Utility Lines

Each utility owner locates their underground lines themselves, or uses hired contractors to locate their underground lines within the two-business days. If a utility owner does not have utilities in your worksite, they will provide an “all clear” to let you know their lines are not within your worksite.

The 811 Process

Get To Know How It Works

Step 4 – Confirm the Marks

Confirm all utility companies listed on your ticket have responded to the request after the two-business days have passed.

  • A second request can be made if a utility company does not respond within the allotted time. This request goes out as a “priority” notice to the utility companies that have not responded.
The 811 Process

Get To Know How It Works

Step 5 – Dig Safely

Once all utility companies have marked their underground lines or have given the “all clear”, and the two-business days have passed, you can begin digging.

Why Call Before You Dig

Why you should contact South Dakota 811

South Dakota 811 is an important part of the state’s public safety system. It protects both our citizens and the utility infrastructure that we depend on to fuel our lives.

There are several reasons why you should contact South Dakota 811 before you dig in our state.

  1. Digging near buried lines is a significant safety risk to you, your family and all people near the worksite excavation.
  2. Failure to notify South Dakota 811 could make you liable for all costs associated with repairing a damaged utility line.
  3. Failure to notify South Dakota 811 could subject you to penalties associated with the statute and administrative rules.
  4. It is illegal to dig before notifying South Dakota 811.

This is a free service that allows you conduct your excavation in a safe manner.

Additional Resources
Common Ground Alliance

CGA is a member-driven association dedicated to ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and the integrity of underground utility services by promoting effective damage prevention practices.

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